InfluenceMine™ | CEO Rob Towles | “New Standard of Crypto-backed Blockchain-based Affiliate Mining”

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Recorded Live at the Crypto Invest Summit at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Blockchain Global News’ Gregg Greenberg speak with CEO Rob Towles of InfluenceMine.

To learn more about the Crypto Invest Summit:

InfluenceMine™ is the world’s first blockchain-based affiliate platform backed by a profitable green mining solution.
Designed for influencers and social sellers, InfluenceMine™ features custom-built sharing technology that allows
millions of users to generate significant income by quickly sharing and selling cryptocurrency mining packages from
a mobile device. While global interest in cryptocurrencies is surging, easy means to participate are nonexistent.
There are simply too many barriers for the average person to understand and profit from innovation that the
Washington Post hails “…as influential as the internet.”
InfluenceMine’s remote mining subscription packages and innovative, water-cooled data center technology make
it easy to mine attractive cryptocurrencies. Subscribers enjoy smart mining functionality that automatically selects
profitable coins to mine, diversifying coin holdings. Its generous affiliate solution makes capitalizing on pent up
demand for cryptos simple and lucrative for social sellers anywhere. Referrers’ income potential is supercharged
by mobile, click-and-deploy marketing campaign technology and InfluenceData, a proprietary lead-generation tool
that delivers up to a 20X return multiple on lead capturing efforts. Beyond mining, InfluenceMine’s proprietary
marketing technology represents a paradigm shift in the world of blockchain technology and will change how
blockchain-based marketing gets done.
As well, InfluenceMine™ will become a leading web-based market educator; publishing informative content and
professional insight into news, trends and opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

For the past decade, the InfluenceMine™ leadership team has built and exited multiple, multi-million dollar affiliate
sales and technology businesses. Across these they have applied successful database marketing strategies,
generating tens of thousands of daily active users across multiple social network platforms.
The company’s technical leadership has been involved in blockchain, fintech and decentralized technology projects
since 2010 and are sought-after experts in the space

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